Saturday, January 19, 2008

Constant Value in a Changing World (3)

Moving frame + Uniformity/Nonuniformity + Constant value = General Theory of Value (? + 0/1 + c = cValue)

The third component: The model becomes “value-based” when it incorporates the idea of constant value as a measure of value. I have borrowed the “c” from the formula E=mc2 because it is a symbol for the constant speed of light. The “c” is an icon for the idea that constant value must be superimposed on the whole model. The argument is that universal value remains the same regardless of the changing circumstances of life -- just as the free space velocity of light remains the same regardless of nature’s changing circumstances. Constant value provides a rationale for interaction between and among variable categories because each of the categories is valued in relationship to an independent and constant referent. When we connect the icons for all three components, they come together to form a general theory of value that I refer to as cValue.

The fact that society has been unable to make a case for a general theory of value is not a failure of constant value; it merely means we have been unable to put the puzzle together.

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