Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Would It Take

What would it take
To change the way people think?
Revisiting the Renaissance,
Reviving the Reformation,
Reinventing the Enlightenment?
Perhaps it's time to consider
The emergence of a new consensus
Regarding the meaning of life.
Being transformed
By the renewing of the mind
Is the purpose of this work,
But such things are not
For the faint of heart.


Anonymous said...

Is this your content, or is this from another author? jrg

Jim Geiger said...

This is my very own content...

John Cote said...

When the world reaches its final crescendo proclaiming in unison "Sez Who?" into the great chasm of ignorance, they will hear a booming echo... "SEZ ME!". And in unison every knee will bow.

Great stuff Jim.


Anonymous said...

In the beginning GOD said, "Let their be light!" and the discourse began with a bang that broke a dead silence.